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Atlanta, GA




Reading is essential to childhood—an unchanging fact in our digital age. Many children's books on iPad limit the child's creative contribution to tapping and watching. However beautiful, they are ultimately shallow experiences.

tapStory is as boundless as a child's imagination. Readers bring their full creative expression to handcrafted interactive stories. Kids can move, resize and rotate the characters and objects in the scene as they read the text aloud. This performance can be recorded and played back to make an animation as unique as its creator.

Children can also create their own stories. The artwork from all the app's stories is available for them to use, so they can write new versions of one story or create mashups of multiple stories. They can add their own text to the artwork, and save their creations to narrate and animate just like the ones that come with the app.

tapStory is a free download on the App Store!

This is a fun little app that allows for multiple layers of creativity by kids as well as their parents[.]” - (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

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