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Atlanta, GA

Playful Notes

A Perfectly-Timed Conference

Owen Mathews

I'm writing this on my 12.9-inch iPad Pro somewhere over the American West. (I'd tell you exactly where, but I'm too cheap to pay for in-flight wifi.) I'm on my way to San Francisco—incidentally during WWDC week—to attend the Developing Apps For Kids conference.

This is a really exciting point for me. I've spent a long time developing tapStory. It's been through lots of rounds of testing and improvements, a story development process that has resulted in 10 stories with more on the way, and most recently a redesign that included an entirely fresh coat of paint and a rebuilt user experience. (Although to call the work of my designer Claudia Monroy a fresh coat of paint is to understate the magnitude of her accomplishment.)

So finally it's time to market this thing. I can't believe I'm finally here, and I can't wait to get the word out. This will be taking lots of different forms, but literally the first significant thing I'll be doing following the release of version 2.5 last Friday is attending this conference.

I'm really glad that I found out about it. I took a circuitous route. I've never been that great at research, so the path led from one blog post to another, to a video from AltConf 2015. (References!) That presenter mentioned this conference, and when I searched for it online, I discovered (lo and behold!) that it was taking place in a month's time.

I anticipate tons of great connections with other app developers, a mountain of information and advice from the panelists, and a first mass-audience live demo of tapStory. I have tons of business cards to hand out.

I don't know what else will come out of this. Perhaps some lasting relationships. Perhaps a business deal. Maybe some press. At the very least, I hope that I will get the word out about my product and get people excited about it.